Tuesday Morning Janet Weiss Dance Party

These times are troubled, these times are tough
There’s more to come but you can’t give up
Why don’t you shake a tail for peace and love?

I’m so sad that Janet Weiss left the band. If I had seen Sleater-Kinney as a teen, I am absolutely certain I would have become a drummer. My favorite spot to stand at their shows was anywhere with a clear view of Janet’s wild, precise, powerful drumming, her black bob shaking back and forth with the beat.

Obviously, S-K existed before Janet, and they may continue on without her. But this feels like Pixies-without-Kim-Deal territory again. Something vital is lost.

Friday Morning Freewheel Dance Party!

Hi. Hey. It’s been a while.

It’s been a big political week. I have a new alderman (yay!), and there’s gonna be a new mayor soon, too. Plus, I went to DC to meet my Congresswoman and tell her about libraries (oh, she knows).

Speaking of work, I wrote a couple of things recently.

But mostly I’ve been hiding from the cold, feeling blue, and getting older.

But in honor of Team Dresch getting back together and rereleasing a bunch of stuff and touring (!) again, here’s the song I put on all your mixtapes from 1995–2006.

Thursday Night Dance Party

This is one of the finest damn songs ever written.

The first Pete Shelley song I remember hearing was his solo hit “Homosapien,” which was in heavy rotation when we first got MTV. A few months ago, I tried (and failed) to master the bass line of “Jerk” in my Merge Records Ensemble class at the Old Town School. I don’t usually think of Buzzcocks when I list my favorite bands, but then I remember how they’ve been a constant for me since adolescence and the songs that are still on my iPod because they are just so fucking good.

Rest in peace, Pete Shelley.