Welcome to my thingy

Hello! How are you? It’s good to see you. You’re looking well. Have you lost hair? Done something with your weight? Me too.

Anywhat, I’m creating a new home for myself on the internet. I took down a bunch of my old sites that were gathering dust (RIP, Rubbernun) and spiffed up the ones I wanted to keep (lookin’ sharp, Flickr!). I might even go back to blogging on a semiregular basis, like the olden days.

Because, let’s face it, most social media platforms are totally fucking evil. It would be good not to use them anymore. But I still want to keep in touch with old friends. And post silly pictures. And make rude remarks about the news of the day. And scream like a ninny when I get to talk to Dolly Parton or whatever.

So I might do that here, under my own little shingle. (Many thanks to Mr. Jimmie for his shingle-hanging help.)

This is still a work in progress, of course. As are we all, folks. As are we all.

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